Why She is The Most Experienced Model in Swaziland!!!


Her friends like to mock her by calling her “Cara Cara”, but with the experience that she has gained over the years, Coralee commands much respect from the very same girls that she shares the ramp with, at times. In our special feature, we’ve identified Coralee as the most experienced Swazi Model. It is even safer to also label her the “Most Exposed Model” that the country has ever produced.


This youthful woman has been trading her time as a model for quite a long time. Such has landed her big roles in major fashion shows hosted within and outside the borders of the Kingdom of Swaziland. Oh! It’s also nice to know that she was an official contestant for the last Top African Model contest, for this year 2016.

Top Model Africa contestant, Coralee Kitty Vilakati
Top Model Africa contestant, Coralee Kitty Vilakati

This is crystal clear to each one of us that our very own top model is passionate about what she trades her time for. Signed under Top Models Swaziland, Coralee continues to raise the flag of the country high. A moment to always remember is when she appeared on SABC TV, modeling at an RVK Fashion Show.

Denim concepts: Coralee with a colleague
Denim concepts: Coralee with a colleague

In her journey as a model, she has gained a lot of industry insights and has developed a notable level of professionalism. Most young ladies get caught up in the moment and end up failing to radiate an impressive career in modeling. Unlike Coralee, they seem to not give themselves enough time to grow and develop into professional and most sought-after ramp queens. Coralee’s own journey in modeling is evident enough to other young people to realize that great accomplishments come with following your heart and being passionate about what you do.







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